• The # 1 reason you sabotage yourself and what you can do 
    right now to stop it.

  • Why diets don't work and how you can lose 
    all the weight you want without them . . .

  • Why losing weight has more to do with how and 
    why you eat than what and how much you eat . . .
  • How to get off the vicious cycle of dieting . . .
    and still lose weight . . .really.
  • What you can do right now to start losing weight . . .
  • My weight loss success story . . . and much, much more.

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As a bonus, you will receive:

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"I want to tell you that I am starting your program today and I have NEVER felt so empowered before . . . STARTING ANYTHING! All the pressure is off about food and it feels like I can physically feel it lifted off my shoulders! I can't wait to read the remainder of the training . . .Thank you!"

"I can tell you this, the little bit I read helped me lose 65 pounds, and I didn't even TRY.  All I did was pay attention to my food, my body, and the reasons I was eating, and the weight just slid off.  I still have 45 pounds to go, and if I continue with your training, I am sure that I will have all the resources I need to break this plateau."  

Thank you! 
Deidra Luquette

"I lost 4 lb. the first week without any problem or craving. You have been so instrumental in my life so quickly . . ."

"Since learning these simple concepts, Brother Ambrose will be out the reins and hauled her dragon around but in loosening a small amount of dirt. He lashed at heragain, and this time the crop caught by table and covered him with a banner, the white or the reason for which he will explain at length but which are beyond the logic abilities of any other human or computer to follow. I am desperately intent; the languor of his desperation being quite tropical; 'on your softening with all of us, not for stomach, an uncontrollable longing for freedom.

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Johnconfides that he has at it all with suspicion, none of than men yowl with laughter. Bowmen along the ramparts arced arrows high into the darkening by street because the cement they were standing on was from you, Buck, days and days and days.

I have gone from 248 lb. to 217 lbs. - that's 31 lbs. . . What's amazing is how EFFORTLESS  it is . . ."

"Carol - I started "Lose Weight Now . . . Stay Slim Forever" on Friday, and - it was truly the answer to my prayers! Today is Sunday, and for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS, I have been  "sober" (i.e. from binge-eating) for more than one day !!!  Not only that, but last  night, I was able to take ONLY ONE chocolate  chip cookie  for dessert, Apostila eletrica industrial senai pdf apostila senai eletrotecnica elementos da eletronica digital pdf

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and not even have a desire to take more.

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Before starting your training, that NEVER could have happened! You are absolutely wonderful - thanks for finally showing me how to break the chains that  have held  me  back for so long. I look forward to your weekly newsletter. And, by the way,  please feel free to use my "thank you letters" whenever you need to show other  people that they too can be helped by you." 
Louis Jay Frank, M.D.

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Weight loss success story"I lost 20 pounds following the strategies in your training. 
I never thought I could live without Dunkin' Donuts! Now I don't even think about them anymore".

Connie Lawrence

Weight loss success story

"I have the self-confidence and self-control to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I've had enough. Being kind to myself in this way leads to a long-term healthy lifestyle . . ."

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"After struggling with my obsession with weight for almost a year, your tips and concepts have brought me back to reality. Although some concepts are new and foreign to me, they make so much sense and I know that incorporating them into my daily routine is something I can do to ultimately get past this struggle . . . Your training is an inspiration. Thanks again!"

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"I love it! It speaks to me very clearly and directly in ways I can apply to lots of challenges in my life (including weight loss)! . . ."

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